Who We Are


Gdsyn was registered as a domain in 2006 and has since then gone on to become a stable and consistent service provider to its client base.

Gdsyn is a company that has grown slowly but surely due to the proven skills of its founder to take advantage of the growing need for website design, online marketing, and photography. Greg Groenewald, who brings fifteen years’ web design experience and 26 years of professional photographic experience to the business, will lead the company as it establishes itself as a high quality internet service provider.

Constantly evolving technologies and software offer small businesses an opportunity to work smarter. But the increased opportunity comes at the expense of increased complexity. Substantial market research establishes that website design is one of the world’s fastest growing service industries. Gdsyn is fast establishing itself as a serious contender targeting several markets in order to raise the service and standard bar significantly high enough to provide the service of choice.

Our History

Greg Groenewald is the owner and manager of Gdsyn. He has significant photographic and design experience and sales skills developed as the regional sales executive for Canon SA.
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Our Mission

To provide a cost effective and practical online solution which would benefit the client , giving them peace of mind in running their business knowing we are taking care of their online needs in every aspect.

Our Passion

The search for excellence across all genres is ongoing, whether it be customer care, product design and development, we are always striving to heighten the bar to exceed customer expectation and experience.

Contact Info

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44 Fuschia Crescent, Northdale, Pietermaritzburg,KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.


Greg: +2783 491 4436,
Dylan: +27 71 676 6513



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